Progressively Numb

Tomato created a neat little song about the Lord of the Dead in King’s Quest 6. It is written to the lyrics of the “Comfortably Numb” song by Pink Floyd.


Hello? Another dead soul here?

Nothing I’ve never seen before.
This is your new home.
Relax. You are nothing new here.
I don’t feel your pain.
It is neither way a gain.
There is no pain that I’m receiving.

Your long-lost love doesn’t make me sad.
I’m chained here to listen on forever.
Your heart is broken. I don’t really care.

A long time ago, they chained me up here.
I must listen on to more and more pain.
As time goes by I grow more immune.
I will feel nothing any time soon.
I have become progressively numb.

Okay. So your son is missing?

I’ve heard that one before.
It makes no difference now.
A mortal. You have passed the gate.
What have you come here for?
Bring back the king and queen who are late?
There is no pain I can receive.

It is your task to try to make me cry.
It is really impossible to do.
Over millions of years, I’ve grown too immune.
I look in the mirror. I see a truth.

My eternity and my ways have become clear.
Such darkness that mortals would not understand.
I look around my dark and grim land.
With all these truths, I shed one tear.
I have become progressively numb.