King’s Quest 3 Curiosities

WARNING: Spoilers!

If you have played King’s Quest 3, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that may not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them here, and would love your comments, remarks, or even neat stories concerning these curiosities. You can e-mail Kat or post on the Sierra Planet Forums any of your comments or other unmentioned curiosities, and they may be posted here for all to see!

Gwydion is not allowed to go down the mountain at all. Then where does he get the food to feed Manannan after those journeys? Obviously, the all-powerful wizard just cannot feed himself!

  • Of course he could bring some food with his magic, but you know he enjoyed slaving humans. So Gwydion had to make his meals and perhaps to slaughter a chicken from time to time. — Templeton (4-12-1999)

Gwydion was the one who really took care of the chickens and probably even that pesky cat of Manannan’s. After Manannan is gone and he leaves for home, what happens to these poor animals? Who will feed and take care of them?

  • In the King’s Quest Companion, it says Derek Karlavaagen moves into the castle. Maybe he will take care of them. — Kat2 (8-16-1999)

Why is there a butter churn in the kitchen? I did not see a cow anywhere!! — Dini (8-10-1999)

There is a picture on the wall in the Manannan’s house near the staircase. Who is that in the picture? — Dini (8-10-1999)

  • Perhaps that person is another Wizard or Witch in Black! — Kat2 (2-12-2000)
  • It is probably just some old sorcerer dude, maybe even Manannan and Mordack’s father. — Akril (2-12-2000)

Manannan was spying on the people of Llewdor, complaining about their “disobedience” and leaving to inflict punishment. What exactly were they doing, and who exactly are “they”? — Dini (8-10-1999)

Mananan’s cat — who was he do you suppose? Obviously, the cat could not be one of his old servant boys, since it was said that he killed all of them! — Dini (8-10-1999)

  • Manannan wanted to try the cat spell, so he cast it upon unsuspecting guest. Manannan probably thought it was very funny, so he did not bother to remove the spell, but I don’t think the ex-human cat was very amused! — Templeton (8-14-1999)

The mice in the pirate ship say they must hold a “mouse council” to decide what to do about the treasure. They’re mice! Why would they care about treasure?! — Agent 56 (4-11-2003)

What would the pirates have done with Gwydion if he had not escaped? Did they plan to enslave him for good or to feed him to the sharks? — Templeton (5-20-1999)

  • You just wait on that ship long enough and you will find out. You are basically doomed to the life of a cabin boy. How exciting … — Akril (2-12-2000)

There doesn’t seem to be any animals in Daventry, so what kind of bones are those in the abominable snowman’s cave? — Agent 56 (4-11-2003)

  • At that particular time, the land was in ruin because of the dragon and most probably because of the yeti, so it’s likely they cleaned out the land of animals. — Hannibal Fan (4-11-2003)

The gnome says that Graham and Valanice are not talking to anybody. In fact, Gwydion cannot get in. However, the gnome claims that he will tell them that Gwydion saved Rosella, and apparently he did! How did he manage that?! — Agent 56 (4-11-2003)

Is where Rosella is being held captive the Land of the Clouds from Kings Quest 1? — Carolyn (6-25-2007)