The Black Cat

Akril created this little poem about the black cat in the various King’s Quest games.


That foul wizard of no good worth
Who never should have touched this earth,
Has made me what I am right now
I sure know why, but I don’t know how.

That last cookie must have been the one
He thought that trick he pulled was fun,
Now here I am, a small black cat
Designed for eating mouse and rat.

I watch many a slave boy come and go
There is so much that I should know
They pull my tail and squeeze me tight
These stupid boys are a measly blight.

Now that I’m a human no more,
Manannan’s power makes me sore
If only I could find a way
To escape this house, I wish, I pray…

Another boy from a foreign land
He’s proud of face and strong of hand,
He’s different from the other’s breed
Alas, he cannot fill my need.

He picks me up and scruffs my neck
Yanks out my fur, I scream like heck
But that move seemed to have a reason,
I don’t know why, it seemed like treason.

Next thing I know the boy is gone,
The wizard’s meowing and carrying on
I know I’m free, though still a cat
With one last look I decided to scat.

I crossed the desert, broad and bright,
I scaled the mountains’ highest heights
I found the portal to my freedom
This world’s things — I wouldn’t need ’em.

This other realm was dark and cold,
Dotted with tombstones, weathered and old,
I find a friend, to say the least,
He seemed to be a bit deceased.

I watch Count Tsepish loose his head
His wife and dog (now also dead)
Both pine away in woe and rage
I think it’s time to turn my page.

The doctor teaches me how to act
He separates fiction from solid fact
And I become a better cat
Than the one I was, a nasty brat.

Those two little ghoul kids drive me wild
But I remember that last young child
It was he who set me free
And bring justice to our enmity.

When a fair young princess saves my hide,
Something stirs deep down inside
Somehow I felt I knew this girl,
Another time, another world.

Soon her mother comes along
I tell her what is going on
I hear the shakings in the earth
I tell her what I know she’s worth.

I may have helped to save this land,
But I wish my paw could be a hand.
I wish I could be a woman once more,
And end this inner moral war.

But like my wicked counterpart,
I may not get a brand new start
Cat I’m now, so cat I’ll be
From now until eternity

Being feline ain’t so bad.
It’s just at times I feel so sad
Will these humans know what’s true,
And learn of all that I’ve been through?

I cannot see the answer now.
If it is yes, I wonder how
How can an irreversible spell
Be turned around and then made well?

Perhaps my fate is now all set,
But I will find the answer yet.
My eight lives are still in store
And I could go on a little more.