Oracle Of The Tree

Ugarte created this little poem about about the Oracle of the Tree in the Swamp in King’s Quest 8.


Connor traversed the swamp
And reached dry land again.
He saw a very big tree
With a large, solemn face.

He greeted the calm tree
And the friendly tree responded
“Give me one gold coin
And I shall tell a prophecy.”

Connor handed a coin
And the tree said something
That was definitely a fortune
Connor couldn’t figure out.

He gave another coin to it
And it returned another saying
That meant little to Connor
Because the future is vague.

Connor kept giving coins
And the tree kept talking
About the possible future
That Connor will face.

Soon, the tree said no more
When Connor gave enough money.
So he say goodbye to the tree
Who said the same and then no more.

I must find the Mask, he thought.
And he wondered about what it said
And what could the tree meant
About the fortunes it said.