She’s A Jewel

Akril created this little poem about Laura Bow and wanting another game to add to the series.


In 1989, Roberta Williams made a game,
T’was inspired by King’s Quest 4, The Colonel’s Bequest was its name.
The protagonist was female, in case you didn’t know,
A snazzy little redhead by the name Laura Bow.

Invited to her colleague’s uncle’s mansion, dark and old,
Almost everyone was murdered, and “Miss Bow” was not consoled,
She solved this gruesome mystery with her father’s guiding light,
Thanks to her primal instincts, she survived the dreadful night.

Laura Bow’s investigations were not all clean and pretty.
She got a job as a reporter for the Trib in New York City.
Though she was mugged when she arrived and on the whole a bit bereft,
She successfully solved the mystery of the Egyptian Dagger Theft.

A lot has changed since Laura’s days, Sierra’s starting to collapse,
There could still be an LB3, an LB4, perhaps.
Now with Space Quest 7 canceled and Larry Laffer fading fast,
Sierra, bring back Laura, she’s a jewel from your past.