Crystal Ball

Ugarte created this little poem about the Madame Mushka’s crystal ball in King’s Quest 5.


Graham entered the wagon
With Madame Mushka inside
Looking at her crystal ball
Finding out what’s going on.

“Welcome,” said the gypsy.
“Have a seat,” she offered.
He sat in the chair across her
And wondered what he’ll see.

The face of his son appeared
Not with happiness, but with fear
While being gripped by Mordack
With his large, claw-like hands.

Behind Alexander was his castle
Within a larger glass jar.
“Oh no,” thought Graham.
“My family is in trouble.”

“That is where your family is,” said she.
“And only you can decide the fate.”
Graham was shocked about the image
And worried about what might happen.

He left the wagon and headed west
Without any clue where to look
But he is sure of only one thing:
He’ll get his beloved family back.