King’s Quest 2 Curiosities

WARNING: Spoilers!

If you have played King’s Quest 2, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that may not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them here, and would love your comments, remarks, or even neat stories concerning these curiosities.

  • How did Graham know the directions to get to Kolyma, and how exactly did he get there? The game just starts with him standing by the ocean with no visible means of transportation, and the introduction just said he traveled. — Mako Thunderbird (10-26-2001)
    • In the King’s Quest Companion, Kolyma is really far away from Daventry. Maybe Graham used the magic mirror to travel there. It might have magic transportation powers. — PrincessCutie (10-26-2001)
  • Little Red Riding Hood told Graham that someone stole her basket of goodies, then why was it in Grandma’s mailbox? — Haley (7-25-2000)
    • My opinion is that Little Red Riding Hood was so absent-minded that she mailed the goodies to Grandma and forgot about it. — Agent 56 (7-25-2000)
  • How exactly did Dracula’s cloak and ring find their way under Grandma’s bed? You don’t think Grammy and Dracula had an affair?! — Templeton (4-14-1999)
  • What did Hagatha want with the nightingale? She’s obviously hard of hearing, so what good is it to her? — Agent 56 (4-11-2003)
  • When Graham goes underwater, how can he hold his breath that long? — Dini (8-10-1999)
    • Peter Spear, author of the King’s Quest Companion, believes Graham was under the protection of King Neptune. — Templeton (8-14-1999)
  • How did that lion survive for so long? It’s chained in front of Valanice’s door with no food or water! In fact, how did Valanice survive? She didn’t have food or water either! — Agent 56 (4-11-2003)
    • Perhaps Hagatha or somebody went there every day to feed the lion and Valanice, or perhaps there was some kind of magical spell on both of them to prevent hunger or thirst. — Hannibal Fan

    • Response to Hannibal Fan’s Comment: I think the spell thing is incorrect because the lion is hungry — so hungry that it will gobble up a ham that is placed in front of it by a stranger. — Agent 56
  • At the wedding, Dracula is one of the guests in the monastery, but Graham had killed him earlier in his castle! — Haley (3-29-2003)
    • Graham didn’t technically have to kill him. He could have also just sneaked in when Dracula wasn’t there. However, Graham wouldn’t have gotten the silver key for the treasure chest. — Kat
    • Response to Kat’s Comment: It makes some sense if Graham did not kill him and he appears. However, if Graham did kill Dracula and got the silver key, Dracula still is at the wedding. — Haley
  • Graham never gets rid of Hagatha. Does that mean that she continues to plague the people of Kolyma forever? — Agent 56 (4-11-2003)