Fanfiction Stories

Please note: Most of the stories here were lost in a server crash. This page remains for search and nostalgia purposes. If you find them, please send them to Kat. Welcome to the Fan Gallery page specifically for fan fiction stories, humerous jokes, funny lists, etc. relating to Roberta Williams games. Stories can be short or long novels with multiple chapters. They do need titles. You can send it all at once, or a chapter at a time. Just tell me what the plan is for your story. If it is going to be a long novel, I will eventually include a hypertext table of contents at the beginning for easier navigation.

The Other Side Of The Story – Adrian – About Lighthouse – Added 09/08/09
Too Much King’s Quest – Anonymous – Funny List
Too Much King’s Quest 2 – Kat2 – Funny List
What If She Said No? – Juliette – KQ Novel – Unfinished
To The Garden – Akril – KQ6 Short Story
Test Of Time – Akril – KQ6 Short Dialogue
My Experiences – Akril – Personal Essay
The Winged Paladin 1 – Bibbi – QFG/KQ6 Novel
The Winged Paladin 2 – Bibbi – QFG/KQ6 Novel
Valanice’s Tale – Akril – KQ Novel
Siskel & Ebert’s KQ Reviews – Ugarte – Skits
Laura Bow Pants Quotes – Claire – Funny List
Laura Bow Funny List – Akril – Funny List
Trunk Of Memories – Akril – KQ Short Story
Scepter And The Cave – Tomato – KQ Short Story
Royal Children Of Daventry – Dr. Hugh- KQ Short Story
Forgotten Quest To Llewdor – Tomato – KQ Short Story
Inside Thoughts – Akril – KQ Funny List New!
Sing Girl In The Tower – Ugarte – KQ6 Funny List
Can’t Kill Oracle Tree – Ugarte – KQMOE Funny List
Daventry Versus Etheria – Tomato – KQ Short Story
Bride Of Death – Princess908 – KQMOE Short Story
Alexander And The Rock – Cassimasworld – KQ Short Story
Match Made In Heaven – Princess908 – KQ2 Short Story
What Happened To Hagatha – Queen Cassima – KQ2 Short Story
Seinfeld: Sierra Episode – Ugarte – Sierra Short Story
Cat Trial Of The Century – Templeton – Sierra Skit