Laura Bow 1: Survival Guide

You are staying in an old creepy house on Colonel Dijon’s Misty Acres estate with nowhere to escape. People around you are being murdered, one by one. Your life is in grave danger. What would you do? Where would you go? Whom can you trust? The clock is ticking, and your time is running out. You can enter bed, cover yourself with the sheets and hope the murderer will not harm you. That seems to be the simplest solution. But you can also take action, fight for your life and overcome the murderer!

How To Survive The Night At Misty Acres

  • Collect useful items — notebook, magnifying glass, food, keys, lantern, and various objects that you can take. If you do not have a magnifying glass, try to find bifocals or any other optical instruments that are good for close-up examinations.
  • Pay attention to conspicuous objects. Notice if they have changed location and if there is anything particular about them.
  • Do not get engaged in any distracting actions. Remember that there is a murderer up there. Therefore, sleeping and taking a bath (Haven’t you seen ‘Psycho’!?) are not recommended.
  • Get friendly with people. You might get unexpected help.
  • Ask everybody about everyone and everything. Tell people about others. Show items you found, and try to give them to people. Mostly, people shall talk freely about the ones they dislike, but will refuse to talk about their relatives.
  • If people stop talking when you enter a room, it is probably because they have secrets. Try to eavesdrop on them. Remember that in an old house there might be secret rooms and passages — it is up to you to find them. Moving pieces of furniture and looking behind them is a good start.
  • If you find a dead body, search it carefully. Try to determine what was the cause of death. Also, look for useful items on the body.
  • The room looks like a struggle has occurred in it? Look for clues — blood stains, footprints, pieces of clothes, particular smells, etc. Then go and look for the body. The murder weapon should be close to the body or in the near perimeters. Be sure to find the weapon and have a good look at it.
  • Any item you find, look at it closely, with your magnifying glass (or a substitute). Look for fingerprints, blood stains, special insignia, person’s initials, etc.
  • Keep low profile. If you enter a room and stand quietly in the corner, people may not notice you, so they may act freely and possibly even reveal embarrassing secrets.
  • Stay alert. Be very cautious when you enter dark, secret, creepy rooms, closets or passages. Danger may lurk you everywhere.
  • Be nice to both people and animals. You can never tell from whom you get help. Sometimes animals are more helpful than humans. Feeding animals with their favorite food is a good idea.
  • If someone gets angry when you talk to him/her and will not answer any question, do not push him/her. Giving back lost possessions may soften him/her.
  • If there are weapons in the house, it is advisable to check them often. When you notice that some weapon is missing, it mostly means that a foul play is afoot.
  • In a very old house, especially one which its owner is miser and does not have it maintained, the furniture and other parts of the
    house may be fragile and unstable. So you’d better watch your steps. You can never know when the banister will break or when the chandelier will fall on top of you. On the other hand, look for loose floor boards or any other places which may be used for hiding valuable stuff. Also search ornamental items — you can never know what you may find.
  • It is advisable to carry a weapon, but remember: it is forbidden to use firearms, unless your or other people’s lives are in grave danger, and there is no other way to overcome the aggressor. Use your weapon only as last resort, and even so — try to wound the aggressor, not to kill him/her.