Fan Gallery

This section of Sierra Planet is dedicated entirely to you guys — the Roberta Williams game fans! If you have poems, stories, songs, artwork (scanned drawing, computer made, modified screenshots, etc.) that you made based on any of the Roberta Williams games, please send it in! You can email Kat your entries. They will be reviewed before posting. Please, keep the works clean and unoffensive. Use your best judgment here!

Poetry Corner Got a poem about Cedric? Some haikus about Daventry? A sonnet about Rosella?
Song Parodies Got a Laura Bow in the Bayou diddly? An ode to the great King Graham? A dance mix for Connor?
Fiction Stories Got a chilling tale of Manannan and a former slave boy? Some cute little Mother Goose riddles of Daventry?
Artworks Got a drawing of Laura Bow investigating the Carnovasch estate? A bump and stick comic strip?