King’s Quest 7 Game Goodies

King’s Quest 7 Easter Eggs

I found several easter eggs for King’s Quest 7 that you can check out.

  • In chapter 2 as Rosella, click on the stove in the kitchen. Rosella will comment that it is large enough to cook a moose in there. In fact, they probably are, and you will hear a moose making noises from inside the oven!
  • In chapter 3 as Valanice, look at the strange glasses on display in the Faux Shop in Falderal. There are 2 glasses that the Two Guys from Andromeda wear in Sierra’s Space Quest games.
  • In chapter 4 as Rosella, if you talk to the psychotic mouse underneath the glass in Dr. Cadaver’s house, the rat will quote something from the movie “Silence of the Lambs.”
  • In chapter 4 as Rosella, once she wears the black cloak, wait a while for the Boogeyman to appear. He will mistake Rosella for the Wailing Black Cloaked Woman Lady Tsepish, and have a strange conversation!
  • In chapter 4 as Rosella, once she wears the black cloak, go to the ghoul kids and their pumpkin tree house. See their reaction to her!
  • The name Erzats in French, Latin, or some other language means “false” or “fake.” That would imply that Erzats the Faux Shop owner (the turtle), is in fact false himself! — Juliette (6-24-1999)
  • In chapter 6, if Rosella zaps the real troll king, he shrinks down into a little bug and cries, “No, stop! In the name of Gregor Samson, no!” Gregor Samson is of course the character who has woken up to discover he is a beetle in Franz Kafka’s story called Metamorphosis. — Pete (1-14-2000)
  • If you notice closely, King Graham is listed in the credits as being voiced by Denny Delk. If that seems odd to you, then you are not alone. King Graham was never in the seen or heard game itself. Akril, however, has made an incredible discovery. She found the audio clip of King Graham speaking that was never included in the actual game, but still remains on the game CD itself. With the help of Dr. Hugh, an exclusive wave audio file of the mysterious King Graham can be heard only here at Sierra Planet!! Thanks to Akril and Dr. Hugh for this incredible discovery. Around the 8-minute mark of the game intro (note the file only contains Graham’s line), there’s a lot of dialogue from Rosella during the opening sequence, and then Valanice’s lines. But in-between these two, there is an immistakeable voice, which is worded thus: “Ladies! I was getting worried! You’re 15 minutes late for lunch!”


King’s Quest 7 Fun & Rude Things To Do

There is a lot of rudeness going on in the game! Probably more than you realize! CompGameMaster composed a list of some rude things that you can do in the game, or that other characters rudely do to you if you do certain things. How rude!

  • Try to trade the jackalope’s fur to the kangaroo rat.
  • Shrink the scorpion with the powder in chapter 1. Yes, saves your life, but it is still rude!
  • Keep visiting the Fates for no reason and annoying them.
  • Zap Malicia’s dog with the device at the very end.
  • Reject the Boogeyman’s advances if he appears when you’re disguised as Lady Tsepish.
  • Spray the three-headed carnivorous plant with the defoliant.
  • Try to trade King Otar (as a scarab) to the Kangaroo Rat.
  • Give a pot of saltwater to the desert spirit in chapter 1.
  • Zap the real King with the device when they are fighting.
  • Do not give Edgar the extra life at the end.
  • Scare the bratty kids up into their pumpkin when Rosella has on the cloak. — 13scoobydoo (1-14-2000)
  • Look down the Jackalope’s hole, walk west until the hole is just off the screen, come back, and look down again. Repeat (funny because if you do it right he makes all sorts of weird noises).
  • Click on the hole the Gila monster retreated into (as either Rosella or Valanice).
  • Make Rosella ride the cart before putting the shield on it.
  • Try to force your way past Brutus the bridge troll.
  • Walk over the raised grave in the cemetery.
  • Let Rosella get sludged to death by the swamp monster.
  • Let Rosella get eaten by the three-headed carnivorous plant.
  • As a cloaked Rosella, talk to the weeping lady Tsepish to see what she says! — Jack (10-27-2000)
  • Keep on talking to the guard at the Falderal gate for some funny comments. — James (12-31-2001)
  • Stand at the tip of land jutting out on top of the Mountain of Winds in Etheria, then wait.
  • Listen to Brutus the Bridge Troll laugh hysterically after Rosella falls into the lava.
  • Make Valanice knock on Malicia’s door, and, after she zaps you out of existence, she gloats, “Ooh, that was such fun!”
  • In Chapter 4, go to the desert trading rat and try to trade the black cat’s extra life and the King Otar scarab. See what the jackalope says! — Yanay (7-25-2000)
  • In Chapter 3, before talking to Fernando in the china shop, try to take the bird (Treasure) from her cage three times. The snake oil salesman will turn Valanice into a statue! — Haley (8-1-2000)
  • In Chapter 3, after Chicken Petite screams frantically at Valanice about the sky falling, she stomps off to the right. Scroll the screen that way until you see the Faux Shop sign. Click on it. Valanice will walk up to the sign and read it out loud. Chicken Petite is in the foreground, and she hasn’t started yelling at the snake oil salesman yet. Click on the Faux Shop door if you cannot see Chicken Petite. Click on her to have the same dialogue exchange you just had a few moments ago, and then an image of the salesman’s body floats across the screen and over the pond in the town square and out of sight! — Akril (12-31-2001)

King’s Quest 7 Death List

Agent56 has spent a lot of time figuring out as many ways to get Rosella or Valanice to die in this game! See if you have tried all the ways to get them to expire. Muahaha! Click here to load the death list. Note that the list may contain game spoilers.

King’s Quest 7 Curiosities

If you have played King’s Quest 7, you may have noticed some strange and interesting things that really do not have much to do with the main plot. We definitely have noticed some and decided to post them on this website. Click here to load the curiosities.

Just know that if you have not played or have not finished playing King’s Quest 7, some of the information may spoil parts of the game for you.

King’s Quest 7 Downloadable Files

There is a UHS hint file you can use if you have a UHS Reader.