KQ1 Death List

King’s Quest 1 Death List By Agent56

Jump into the well
Fall into the moat
Fall off the bridge
Get caught by the wolf
Get caught by the witch
Get caught by the ogre
Stand in front of rock and move it
Swim too long
Enter the water and don’t swim (original)
Jump into the well
Stay underwater too long
Get burned by the dragon
Get smashed by the giant
Fall into the hole in the woodcutter’s cabin (original)
Fall out of the oak tree too many times
Walk too close to the rat or pet the rat
Stay underwater in the well too long
Meet the Leprechauns without protection
Fall into any river
Fall off the ramp in the cave
Fall off the beanstalk
Fall off the top of the beanstalk
Fall out of the clouds
Falling off cliffs near elf pond
Eat the mushroom but don’t leave the cave